October 2016.

Notes: This morning, on a walk in the woods with the Friends of the Fells, I saw a bee resting very still on a purple aster. “Is it dead?” I asked our guide. No, he explained, just cold and waiting for the day to get warmer. (“Me too!” I thought.) As we gathered around to take a much closer look at the bee, he added, “Bumble bees can actually be quite docile.”

This made me think of the bees in our front yard, which fly up, down, and around our purple salvia. When I first started gardening here, I wanted to help bees with bee-friendly plants, but I was unclear on whether that meant getting bee stings when walking around the yard. The salvia ended up in the front of the house, which seemed far enough away from where I spent time.

But as it turns out, I’m in the front yard a lot, putting new plants in next to the salvia, pulling out crabgrass when it threatens to strangle the rest of the garden, or just staring at all the plants to see how they have changed from one day to the next. So the bees are constant companions. They have been gentle (as they are totally focused on the flowers), so today, we took our first set of selfies together! (October 11).